We’re among you… We’re from all walks of life… and we carry! (2)

The New Jersey 2nd Amendment Society has created a fabulous brochure – copies are available to anyone who wants them.

The brochure features women from all walks of life, who are also gun owners.

The goal is to present the face of the American gun owner – We’re among you… We’re from all walks of life… and we carry!

For more info on the NJ2AS or to obtain copies of the brochure: Contact Shari, women@nj2as.com.




Shop Safely Online



1. Never enter your payment info on a page that is not encrypted. Check for a lock in the address bar, or “https” instead of “http”. (General site pages may not have this, but it must appear on the payment pages)

2. Check that the site has a current, valid SSL certificate, to verify encryption, site security and business identity.

3. Use a credit card rather than a debit card if possible, as that offers you more protection and reduced liability in the event of a problem. If your bank offers them, virtual card numbers are a great idea for online purchases. Using Paypal is another secure option.

4. If you’re using a shared machine, always log out of the store website and clear your browser’s history when you are finished ordering something.

5. Check return, refund and exchange policies. This process should be straightforward. Read the fine print! Is a re-stocking or other fee assessed if you make a return?

6. Check for contact phone numbers and address info. If there’s no way to get in touch with the merchant, be wary of placing an order.

7. Check privacy policy – what does the site do with your information? Some merchants resell personal info, buying preferences, and other data to market research companies, telemarketers, and spammers.

8. Check the merchant’s customer testimonials and reviews. That will tell you a lot about how they do business!

Did you know about the Internet Crimes Complaint Center? They can help if you believe you have been defrauded in an online transaction. More info here: www.ic3.gov

The Invisible Gorilla – And What It Can Teach Us!

This is a selective attention test. If the video doesn’t look as though it rings a bell, watch the top video first. If you’ve watched this experiment before, then watch the video below it, an update of the original.

In the version below, you know what you’re expecting to see, but you might be surprised!

Inattentional blindness is the failure to notice a visible, but unexpected stimulus because our attention is focused on something else.

When we expect to see something, we see it. When we don’t expect something, it can be right in front of us, fully visible, and we never see it.

What’s worse though, is that we don’t realize that we fail to notice. We believe that we notice more than we actually do.

We are overloaded with inputs, and it is extremely difficult to process all of them with a high level of attention. Even with training, it is difficult to control inattentional blindness. But we can at least be aware of it, and that it affects us more than we think it does. We can guard against overconfidence, avoid the multi-tasking that dilutes our attention and we can learn to better expect the unexpected.

Because what we don’t notice can kill us.

More video experiments here:

Train Your Kids

A Nevada charter school is planning to offer a gun safety class this fall.

It was the parents who requested this class, and their efforts paid off.  And a Virginia school that recently suspended kids for pointing pencils while making gun sounds has just reversed its zero-tolerance policy, as a result of parental pressure.

It’s time for parents to start pushing for similar gun training or safety programs in other schools and to start applying pressure on school districts that overstep their authority in the name of political correctness.

The current persecution of kids over anything gun-shaped is out of control, and it is part of a bigger gun control agenda that is not short-term. It’s not necessarily about what controls they can impose this year or next, but what they can achieve in the next decade or two. Children, the voters and politicians of the future, are being indoctrinated to consider anything remotely related to guns as bad. We may be putting up a good fight for our gun rights today, but what kind of fight will these kids put up in the years to come, if this is what they are being taught? We can’t allow it to continue.

Now, more than ever, and in the years to come, if we are to counteract the efforts of the gun control lobby and misguided educators, kids will need responsible exposure to firearms, safety training and participation in shooting activities.

You can start here: eddieeagle.nra.org


Guns Save Lives – Fact Sheet

Ever notice how those who would promote gun control often make their claims without providing facts or studies to support those claims? Respond with a few facts of your own: guns save more lives than they take; prevent more injuries than they inflict; concealed carry laws help reduce crime and criminals avoid armed citizens. Here are the statistics you need, AND the sources/studies to support each statistic: