Moms, Kids and Guns… contributed by Judit Roth

A good friend of mine was talking to me over dinner and asked a question about what I thought would be a great article for women who carry concealed. Now its easy to get into some tired song and dance about holsters and ammunition..but lets get real. Being a woman entails a lot of daily things that we men don’t even consider. Many women are mothers and have children. A really good article would talk about some of those things and how women have to balance between daily life and carrying a firearm. One of the most important things to consider in writing something like this is to not try and write some must adhere to bible or the gun gods will strike you down article…but rather to give women some ideas and how maybe they can overcome some of the problems.

Those women with small children are at a disadvantage. They have a small child that is dependent on them and while children are awesome (I have a special one of my own), how should a women try to carry, walk, and push a small child. First I think that an ounce of prevention will be worth more than the proverbial pound of cure. I know its hard with children, especially when they’re cranky and tired and you have had a long day. You let your guard down and try to simply focus on getting home. Those are the things that can get you in into a bad spot. I know its hard but at times like these take a few seconds, and look around. Try to avoid putting yourself in a position you feel uncomfortable with. If you feel like something is not right …leave. Move to the nearest “safe” place and wait or seek help. I know sometimes getting children to listen to you can be likened to “Herding Cats” but it can be done. Secondly if something feels not right or you find yourself in a bad position, move yourself physically into a better position, I know any woman would…place herself between her kids and what she may perceive as a threat. It can be a subtle move to place yourself between the kids and the situation..even moving an infant in your arms to your non-draw side. In an overt situation, there is no need to be subtle about it. You can use cars or any physical barrier to act as place to shield your children and defend yourself. You can and should discuss this with your children…those that can comprehend. You can use special words, or anything to make them remember. Teach them to get “small”, and stay down,to listen for instructions. And if you tell them to run explain to them where to run. “Head to the people, get help”….or something else appropriate. Once you commit to fight, FIGHT.

Somethings to practice at a range, maybe carry a 30 lbs. backpack or sack on your “Off-Hand or Non-Firing” side..practice your draw and fire. Maybe even move to behind a barricade and do the same thing. Also – if you have small children – get an old stroller and practice moving or kneeling in front of the stroller….practice your draw and fire. Any little thing like this, so that you at least have an idea, can be such a huge advantage in a high stress situation. Also remember your mindset will be your greatest asset in any high stress situation. *I WILL NOT QUIT, I WILL FIGHT!* Exercise your mind…what would you do, how would you do it?

Practice with your weapons, rather than carry it like an extra set of keys. Learn that you can strike with a pistol, as well as fire it. I hope that this has given you something to think about and yes we can expand on this all day…but you must put it into action.

Train Hard and Shoot Well….

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